Our Story

Our company and products have been inspired by a little girl named Lindsey. She was diagnosed with Autism in 2013 and has continued to thrive and make gains developmentally. She has a love for technology and showed us that if a platform is designed properly and if it is engaging - there is no limit to introducing new methods that can help children learn.


As a parent with a child diagnosed with Autism, I know first hand how using the right tools can help kids achieve their best. Watching my daughter master the IPAD and enjoy the different apps inspired me to think of a more comprehensive tool, a new platform for education and to make it fun! This game is packed full of engaging colors, actions, information without the distractions allowing for focus and growth.

-Jeanetta Bryant

Hi! I graduated from Florida State University with my Master's Degree in Exceptional Student Education (ESE). My passion for teaching those with special needs started early and since then each relationship I've made with my students has made me not only a stronger teacher but also a better person. When the opportunity to work on a new platform came along, I was eager to contribute, it is my goal for this to be a system that kids, families and teachers can use and enjoy in tandem. 

- Emma Bachman 

I am the lead digital artist for this project, I hold a B.F.A in Interactive Game Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design and currently reside in Seattle, Washington. I love to hike and explore the great outdoors as well as draw fantasy art and dabble in game design and production in my spare time. My favorite color is blue.  This project is important to me because knowing kids with special needs inspires you to help kids with special needs.

-Tyler Brennan

Since I entered the industry I have been dedicated to bringing groundbreaking interactive media to life through code and design. I believe that meaningful play is one of the most effective ways to learn critical skills and stay engaged. There is vast potential for innovative learning technology and my mission is to spread happiness to children and parents alike.

-Brandon Austin