What we do.

Early Education

Early Education is key in a child's learning ability, it helps establish the fundamentals for an ability to grow and thrive. We appreciate that kids want to have fun while they learn and if they can stay entertained and engaged while discovering new abilities- the opportunity becomes a success!


Special Needs

Our games are designed with special needs in mind, they are deliberately thought out where they bring maximum enjoyment with no distractions of traditional games. We keep the child focused on the skill at hand and motivated to continue pushing boundaries.

Sneak Peek

"Tommy the Turtle: Color Splash" teaches children

age 3 - 9 Shapes, Colors,  Alphabet, Letter Sounds, Handwriting, Math, Math Readiness, Spatial Differentials, Matching, Patterns and more.


The curriculum has been carefully planned for classroom integration and at home use.

This game is an underwater journey of new abilities and educational facts. Children of all abilities will enjoy getting to know Tommy the Turtle and the friends he meets along the way.