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Jeanetta Bryant,

Founder and Producer of Little Turtle Learning Tools and Mom to a very special daughter

Being a special needs parent brings new and different challenges almost daily. Learning ways to help my child succeed as well as ways to keep myself motivated is exceptionally hard. I know without a doubt that God was at work in my life when he introduced me to parents that shared experiences, tips and tricks. These parents volunteered time and knowledge to help me- a stranger. The least I can do is to pay it forward. I have many goals, I want to always be a good wife, a good mom, a good friend and someone others are proud to know, I also have the goal of helping my daughter become her very best and I want to help other parents know the joy of successfully watching their kids beat the odds. With every step towards achievement in my life, Lindsey's life or another parents - all glory is to God.


Shortly after Lindsey's diagnosis we learned there was hope and a path to healing, it was in stark contrast to the bleak future the diagnosing doctor had laid out. We were fortunate to experience fantastic gains and amazing abilities that we thought might had been lost forever. During this time I started writing a blog Hope Faith and Autism, this forum allowed us to share our progress and some of the things we learned along the way. I am proud to share this link with anyone that wants more information on our story. It's amazing how alone you can feel on this journey until you meet someone else, then you realize that there are many of us and we all simply want to help our children. 

Along the way, I met amazing teachers- one specific lady that shared an interest in making a difference for as many kids as we could reach, her name is Emma Bachman. She was Lindsey's Kindergarten teacher. We both recognized the need for better technology specifically apps that could help the special needs community excel while having fun! So Little Turtle Learning Tools was launched. An app was designed to help writing, spelling, math, colors, puzzles, space differentials and more. This game is now on the market. We now see these learning concepts available globally.  


You see there isn't anything I won't try if I think it will help. I sincerely hope that our journey, our story, our app can help someone else. Our little girl that was told she would never have friends, never be able to talk, never be able to play sports, we have watched her flourish! We have watched her learn to smile again, play, talk, sing, play soccer, dance hip hop and have so many friendships that it seems everyone is friends with Lindsey! We are beating the odds and we invite you to do it with us. 

If you feel our experience could bring motivation, enthusiasm or hope, consider requesting a speaking engagement. I would be thrilled to have the opprotunity to talk to you and your group.


Wishing you the Best,         




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